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Effects of a 10-week multimodal exercise program….


Pereira, Catarina, Rosado, Hugo, Cruz-Ferreira, Ana, Marmeleira, José


Effects of a 10-week multimodal exercise program on physical and cognitive function of nursing home residents: a psychomotor intervention pilot study.


ACER-Aging Clinical and Experimental Research, 2017


Background: Nursing home institutionalization tends to exacerbate loss of functioning. Aims: Examine the feasibility and the effect of a psychomotor intervention — a multimodal exercise program promoting simultaneous cognitive and motor stimulation — on the executive (planning ability and selective attention) and physical function of nursing home residents. Methods: Seventeen participants engaged in a 10-week multimodal exercise program and 17 maintained usual activities. Results: Exercise group improved planning ability (25-32%), selective attention (19-67%), and physical function (aerobic endurance, lower body strength, agility, balance, gait, and mobility (19-41%), corresponding to an effect size ranging from 0.29 (small) to 1.11 (high), p <0.05. Discussion: The multimodal exercise program was feasible and well tolerated. The program improved executive and physical functions of the nursing home residents, reverting the usual loss of both cognitive and motor functioning in older adult institutionalized. Conclusions: Multimodal exercise programs may help to maintain or improve nursing home residents’ functioning.


Elderly; Executive function; Planning ability; Attention; Physical function